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Advanced Front-end system (AFOS) generally presents conceived modern front-end system that can be attached to any back-end system or legacy application through the current network and database interface. The system AFOS was projected and developed for using in banking reference system. It can be also used in other sphere of business.

The great benefit of AFOS is not to interfere in existing back-end system that can work on AFOS independently.


AFOS is composed of two parts:
• AFOS FrameWork (AFOS FW)
• AFOS Business Logics (AFOS BL)

AFOS FrameWork
is technically independent part of system where nonprocedural generic function is implemented for interactive data form formulation with individual field function that is generally required for bank application ( domain controls, surveillance syntax and semantics of enter data, on-line help, multilingual setting, etc.)

AFOS Business Logics
is part of system where all custom functions (BL) are implemented for specific application. AFOS BL is open system containing some predefined bank functions that can be completed of new functions by customer request. In spite of progress of new extensive interactive work with forms ( that is fully performed by AFOS FW ), the new application function of implementation (BL) is very fast.

Basic option of AFOS architecture
AFOS is front-end system that must be connected to back-end system ( legacy application) for full functional achievement. In this way AFOS is very flexible and supports three basic architectures, which are varied according to their on-line connection to the back-end system.

Option I - on-line AFOS client connection with back-end system
Option II - on-line client connection with AFOS (front-end) system, AFOS semi on-line connection with back-end system
Option III - on-line client connection with AFOS (front-end) system, AFOS batch on-line connection with back-end system


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