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Kohlhas GmbH (Bad Homburg, Frankfurt area)
• CEDAM (Central Database, Sales and Marketing System) project - a complete sales support system for one of the biggest BMW dealers in Germany. The project uses AFOS system concept (phase I. of the project has been implemented in 05 – 09/2003, marketing part has been in live operation since the beginning of June, and the sales part has been in live operation since September, 2003).

BluePhoenix Solutions (BPS)
BluePhoenix Solutions (BPS) is the global leader in Enterprise IT Modernization. It employs over 450 professionals, who are evenly distributed between the USA, Europe, and Israel. Its global partners are IBM, CGE&Y, EDS, HP, Sun, and Temenos

BPS is also a vendor of development tool AppBuilder and migration middleware. All the tools are further developed and supported by BPS. Their consultants are directly participated in large projects, in which the tools are used. Company technologies support all major platforms IBM mainframes, AS 400, AIX, HP UX, Windows, Web, languages like Cobol, C/C++, Java, HTML, .NET, C #, etc.

In early 2003, BluePhoenix Solutions (and its parent company, Liraz Systems Ltd.) and Crystal Systems Solutions (NASDAQ:CRYS) merged their global operations. The merger created a leading force in the Enterprise IT Modernization market. Crystal´s offerings are the ideal complement to those of BluePhoenix so that both companies have solidified their global market position and enhanced their competitive edge. This decision has already started to show results with Gartner´s placement of BluePhoenix/Crystal Systems in the Leader quadrant of the Legacy Modernization market.

Enterpise IT Modernization market is divided into the following categories:

Enterprise IT Understanding
Consolidated warehousing of IT operational and development information,, enabling companies to better understand their IT environment, more efficiently manage IT systems, integrate new software packages, re-use existing systems and build new applications. For more information visit.
Enterprise IT Migration
Automated migrations of legacy applications, platforms, languages and data, leaving companies with absolutely no reliance on proprietary technology. For more information visit.
Enterprise IT Transformation
Enterprise-wide application transformations required by ongoing regulatory changes and new business requirements, allowing companies to extend the life of their IT systems. For more information visit.
Enterprise IT Development
A technology independent environment, offering companies a way to efficiently mine and re-write their existing applications. With BluePhoenix Development solutions, companies can incrementally re-develop their legacy systems and extend them into new technologies. For more information visit.

Next to IBM one of the most important vendors of IT of all categories, today covering technology of Compaq, Digital and Tandem Computers. With respect to banking solutions HP offers unique Non-Stop Himalaya platform (initially developed by Tandem Computers) having excellent features for large on-line applications, where system has to perform large amount of transactions within very short time period without any break (fault-tolerant processing) as well as for large data warehouses with a lot of concurrent users.


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