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Level 10 is company focused on consultancy services and application development especially in banking & finance industries on European region.

Level 10 follows this market philosophy: The main force driving companies to modernize their IT systems and applications is the need to address changing business demands while still maintaining a competitive edge in the market. This goal can only be achieved through significant reductions in costs, more efficient and standardized IT systems management, shorter time-to-market and time-to-production and complete preservation of corporate business knowledge. The most efficient and viable way for companies to protect their existing investments is to use Enterprise IT Modernization (EIM) solutions.

Foundation of Level 10 is associated with successful, more than ten years long, history of Czech company SoNet, mainly on its project activity amplified by membership in Tandem Computers Alliance, since 1998 by membership in Compaq Solutions Alliance and later on in HP Solution Alliance, after the merge of Compaq and HP companies in 2002. SoNet project section became a part of new company Level 10 in 2002.

SoNet created a lot of important projects in Banking and Finance as for example projects for Bratislava Stock Exchange (Slovak), Consolidation Bank (now Czech Consolidation Agency), HVB CR, eBank, Prominvest Bank of Ukraine, Money Exchange Kiev.

An establishment of company Level 10 was motivated by effort to put together an already acquired know-how of project managers and consultants of Sonet company in Banking & Financial, theirs knowledge of software engineering and application development with foreign know-how and knowledge of foreign markets in the banking and finance industry. The great asset of the co-operation with strong foreign partners is their deep
practical knowledge of solutions used all over the world.

Work on major and interesting projects brought our employees detailed and specific knowledge, comparable with those of renowned foreign companies. We directly utilize foreign experts only for the time absolutely necessary to solve a problem, which we cannot solve in cooperation with the customer locally. We can fully utilize lower local workforce costs, so that Level 10 can provide the same quality of solution as foreign companies, but with much lower price tag.


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